Getting the facts straight

          It is funny, although that it been known for years that Homosexuality exists in Sudan. People act like it’s a new thing in our history longer before it become a case in religion we talked about it more than 1400 years ago and we know it existed long long before that and they still denied the fact that we are here these are fact  Sudan and Homosexuality I hope you find it interesting

When judge of the city Kosti in north of Sudan Kotrane resident who became Minister of Justice strange incident occurred. Kotrane was the head judge committee which investigated the incidents of 1955 the South along with Khalifa Mahjoub and Lado Lolak. Judge Bishop was objective and stick to the law and when the clash occurred between the large group of gays who have moved from Al-Ubayyid to Kosti with Kosti gays. The police arrested them. And when they came to the judge. Judge released them saying that homosexuality is not a case punishable by law because it is a psychological condition. Everyone went out in a demonstration joined by many (aldlokh) and that is music instrument and cursing and roaring saying (long live the Pakistani judge.. who made our case psychological).

Law regarding same-sex sexual activity

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Sudan. The judicial system is based on the Shari’a and according to Article 148, capital punishment applies should the offense be committed either by a man or a woman.

For homosexual men, lashes are given for the first offense, with the death penalty following the third offense.

100 lashes are given to unmarried women who engage in homosexual acts.For lesbian women, stoning and thousands of lashes are the penalty for the first offense.

The Sultan of Sennar was known for homosexuality. And Surrounding himself with a huge number of homosexuals. And have been receiving and getting lands grants and senior positions.

And also in the seventies in Malakal there was the superintendent of  Malakal princely School, which  he had worked as a teacher for more than a quarter of a century he forced the school kids to practice homosexuality. When it was revealed and he got exposed Mr. Mahmoud Pratt wanted kill him with a knife. Mr. Mahmoud Pratt was one of the Muslim Brotherhood party and author of book called (juvenile delinquency) and other books. He attacked Hassan Alturabi. So he spread rumors about Mr Mahmoud that he was crazy and fought against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The professor Mr.Hashem Mohamed Osman (goalkeeper of Al Marikh club) the professors encouraged the students to sit in strike and demonstration against the superintendent of  Malakal princely School .

Back in the Seventies and early eighties during the presidency of  Al nimeiriin Omdurman two areas of prostitution, a one was the area between AlShuhada and the Great Mosque and Hospital that was for prostitutes. The area between the National Cinema and the hospital was gays and bisexual. They are filled with dozens of homes and gays and bisexual. And there are other places such as the seven houses in the pant and some places in the Alghemaur and behind the dome of Sheikh Daf Allah and Al shajara market.

in a book called (Canterbury Tales) bye the Sudanese Premier Inspector Belfor talked about  a problems that was back then in  Sudan, especially in the city of Madni and says that the richest merchant in a Madni are offensive and there were many cases with regard to sodomy and rape of children over there in Madni.

Dowering  sixties in Kosti. was one of the largest centers of prostitution in the Sudan. Altemtem a very known type of music  and musicians who was considered effeminate began in Kosti. This was also found in Gedaref and Al-Ubayyid and many areas of production. Yusuf  Badri in his book (Ajyal ) talking about it (cyan), or Alyalaty or hawks Al sager and how that it has become it was a rampant because the locked city community of women and girls in the yards and the non relationship closed from any contact between girls and boys.

Young people from origins other than the people who grew up in the north of Omdurman, were sexually harassing children of the Arabs and say (Then those who grow up and to become managers and biasness men  and ministries will remember us). It is part of the castration policy of ethnic hatred and social hatred it.

One of the all the famous story when Mohammed Ahmed al-Mahdi had that before Mahdia th drew his sword and wanted to kill one bisexual. That was  when he Surrounded Al-Ubayyid Even after Mahdia it did not disappear from the north of Sudan, and in Omdurman a Egyptian police officer Fawzi mention, how this was rampant and said some of the a bisexual are big merchants, Babiker Badri also said in his book (my life) Part 1 (that this gay asked me some cloves . And frowned his face so he laft me alone. And went to my friend Mukhtar and said (your friend Bassiouni in the other shop. disappointed me i asked for some cloves so i cane drink it with water he frowned his face and didn’t give me ). Mukhtar said to him (i swer if he given you one cloves i would leave his friendship) the gay said (but you give me what I tell you), said Mokhtar (Yes, but for you that mean you lost both of us).

In the fifties and sixties in some of the Yemeni have perform these activities in Sudan with the children of Sudanese. And there was a campaign against the Yemeni and led by some journalists, led by Mohammed Makki editor of the people newspaper.

Living conditions

The U.S. Department of State‘s 2010 Human Rights Report found that “societal discrimination against homosexual persons was widespread both in the North and the South. In the North, vigilantes targeted suspected homosexual persons for violent abuse, and there were public demonstrations against homosexuality

In 2010 Sudanese court sentenced 19 young man with 30 lashes and a fine for violating the ethical rules for wearing women’s clothes and placing powders makeup and that was during their attendance at a wedding for homosexuals, and many of them tried to hide their faces for about 200 people were watching during lashing immediately after sentencing them. No Lawyer attend to them or even attempt a fair trial and they did not defend themselves.

Quoted by news agency “Reuters” the judge who presided over the trial that the police raided a party set up by the nine men’s and found them dancing as Sudanese woman’s would do wearing women’s clothes and wearing makeup.

He said that there is video of the ceremony and that there was woman and she fled the scene immediately after the arrival of the police and the accused face charges of violating the rules of public ethics in Sudan.

The local newspapers reported that the ceremony was held to celebrate the wedding of gay, making it a subject of discussion in all parts of Khartoum conservative Muslim society. Court did not address today to the wedding.

Sudanese law and is based on the provisions of Islamic law, which was the point in 2005 peace agreement ended more than twenty years of civil war between Khartoum and southern rebels and the mostly Christian and animist.

Based on the agreement exempted southern Sudan from the application of Islamic law, but they are still applied in Khartoum, where many non-Muslims are living.

Even nowadays people talk about it live it dance in it music the Homosexuality in Sudan is effect and  it been here as long as our Independence but still in the dark we have streets and places and waiting in the  night to  find it easy to move and Move, perhaps because in the light of day is to exposed us  them  that can some of us cane not be the same person all day living a double life Some of us deal with the subject’s as a need that must be Be filled some look for answers some look for Redemption or Salvation some just give up to the them and deny it, we are not from another plant we are the Doctors the Lawyers we are hard works Brothers and sisters and cousins ​​and  mothers and fathers and  employers  and teachers so don’t believe them when they say that we are The manifestation of luxury or psychological condition and we are a disease that should be cured don’t believe that we are more different If I get a fever that mean im sick if I got hungry I will eat what you do and if I feel tired I will sleep and if I see some thing depressing I will weep and if you ask me for help ill be there if you tell a joke you will see me laughing.

Rainbow Sudan


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  1. That is good that you are showing the world this I will publicise it on my websites too xx

  2. Richard Brunsdon u.s.a. [connecticut]

    wow so proud, and the strong in what you are doing their, tring too open everyones eyes , sure hope it works , true reader here keep up the good work , be strong and as always be safe

  3. People in the word need to know it !

  4. As a group Promoting Music and Television from Sudan, I find your blog pretty interesting, “Some Sudanese Music Notes from the North(west) Country” I will keep checking for additions.
    Well written, thank you 🙂

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