Language and identity: Homosexuality in the Arab history

The words of Ibrahim Mahmoud in his Forbidden Pleasure : the  History of  Homosexuality in the Arabs: “If language is the identity of the man, his mark distinctive, they also function to it, and dated him in return … that language-based society itself, in terms of their shift, and rooted in memory, and enrichment, and the disintegration of the meaning and the meaning of death and the emission of another. The transformations in this, a clear history about their manufacturer, except as a history to him and him. ”

What is our history Homosexuality in Arabian  and making our history and heritage of  literature?

The possibility of finding information neutral or supportive of homosexuality is very low.There are a lot of negative writings that deal with homosexuality . The references that deal with homosexuality and sexual identity are  very small like a trying to find  needle in a haystack.   each time discovered a book or a writer or  wrote about Arab homosexuality, I feel like I discovered a culturally treasure !

When I read for the first time Joseph Massad, “redirecting desire: gay world and the Arab world” Re-Orienting Desire: The Gay International and the Arab World I understand the difference between Arab homosexuality – and homosexuality in the Western  world  as  Intellectually and socially and religiously and political movement. Shortly before I met a new writer as if breathed new energy in me, and I said to myself: “i should be doing something take  part in this” that when i made the decision to start this magazine

so i did these readings a me feel that i am and I am part of the legacy of culture and civilization and behavior.When I stared i know that i am not alone, and I am part of a community like me Arabic, written and published and sheds light on the legitimacy of the existence and legitimacy and the nature of our existence, and I learned a lot of them. Feeling I had when you first read it, was that: “If my mother, father, sister, brother, or read them, they would have understood that Homosexuality is normal, and I am part of a large group and this community.” When I realized that, I started thinking about the importance of writing in my language, Arabic, and English because it is one of the basic compounds my identity.

Here, I would like to go back in time back to our history and our literature and Arab culture, to see what he wrote about me? About us? Any words used? What was the meaning, and its dimensions and their meaning? Where is used? Served any purpose?

There is a permanent accusation Gay Arabs, that their homosexuality is imported from the West. But it is clear to all (though most people Ignores the truth about the intent and hide them) that homosexuality existed in the Arab civilization and Islamic civilization, and there are indications of historical writings and the names and dates and intimate sexual relations between persons of the same-sex.

it as always mentioned in the sources that the people of Lot had been living at the Dead Sea today.Some Arabs also became famous in the AL Abbasid period loving boys and Homosexuality . Historians have stated many of the historical figures of the most prominent gay poet Abu Nawas, has reported a variety of sources and his love poems flirting with boys. For example, saying:
The girl you want i will bring you a girl
but if a boy you want and you see me coming 
then hide him from me  in every prayer time

However, some inferred and overstates the inference to say that Abu Nawas evidence and accepted by him, but the fact that Abu Nawas was his stories and tales and Promiscuous poems and other non Promiscuous in his book  Jarriet Ahbehn and important their love (Jarriet Jinan, for example)

Elsewhere, Abu Nawas talking about his love for my father Obeida grammar says:

God bless the Lot and his followers …..

Aba Obeida Say Amen

You are the leader, I have no doubt

Since endured since exceeded Sixty

The writer says Musab al

I shamelessness queer has one religion 

I am in sin to gain willing

a queer not Adulterer and who is a queer  

then i am has company til Resurrection

But if we want to look for lesbianism in literature, Arab history, it is almost completely absent, and the natural result of the absence of women mainly from the arena of cultural and political life and property in that era.

but  lesbianism in women,  the first daughter from the   Al-Hasan Yemeni, and was rounded to Nu’man bin Mundhir so he made here a residence in  his wife, Hind, and she fell in love with here with passion, and Hind were the best lovers of  their time  with passion to one another never known between two women never before them, and when she died the daughter of Al-Hassan on her grave Hind the wife of  Nu’man and took the monastery known as Deir Hind in the way of Kufa. And where he says, addressing the Farazdak  Satirizes Ibn Jarir saying :

Carried era a favor faver from you , as it was the daughter of Hasan al-Yamani fulfilled Hind 

(Rushd Allbeb p. 123-4) (the words of Hassan Yemeni who died in 850 AD)

Here I would to dd that the Arabic word for lesbianism  is “Shak”, which is derived from the verb “crush” thing, the accuracy in the act of “crushing” significant act of violence between two, as if one crushes the other perhaps that is why the women of that period to replace the word “Shak” with “nice.”

nown, the gender boundaries are clear, Valjns is either male or female and all else is either abnormal or deficient or abnormal, sexual orientation, and one which is different from everything else that is odd or an unbeliever and sexy either ridiculous and either of anger and either of the nausea. And the body beautiful is a clear example, or some models and a clear, clear color, weight and clear. The house is also a single package, has its limits, has its laws, its system and has the Patriarchate, and all of its opposers, it is not from the people of the house.

lesbianism and homosexuality are found in our history and our literature anda prominent presence and clear, and any attempt to try to deny it is wrong, for example, the book “the boy and the Uncle,” says Al-Watan Saudi Arabia:

Story of the  “the boy and the Uncle” tells the stories of real despair and anger experienced by the heroes of the novel on the stage of reality. Writer seeks to show brilliantly intellectual abnormal deviation of certain groups in society.

In the novel The Yacoubian Building Alaa Aswani describes “Hatem”, homosexual character in the narrator, “its gay conservatives. And the anomaly in the life of a specific marginal Hatem tightly. It was not just androgynous. It is a talented person. Reached its efficiency and intelligence to the top of professional success .. Is cultured from the highest levels, fluent in several languages. Wants to narrow his life and abnormal on the nights and live normal day as a journalist and a leading official at night practiced for pleasure for a few hours in bed. ”

In describing the book “I was you,” wrote the site of the Nile and the Euphrates: (13)

“I is You”, stand out, a lot of courage, frankness and spontaneity, a matter of concern terrifying when many Tdtrhen social conditions, psychological and even biological homosexual relationships, do not satisfy the deeds are the subject , but the thriftiness to the impossible  captures Homosexuals and behavior on the way to their anticipated bodies and passion  “.

Aside from these biased terms, we find a few places used by the word “homosexuality” only without the oddly linked to or deviation, such as a paragraph in Riyadh Al Rayes site for the book “I was you”. It was reported the following:

So far there is no Arab woman discussed the issue homosexuality in women directly.Sometimes the topic being addressed among males while for females it remained prohibited at all times because of the Eastern women lives in this space of taboos and prohibitions. This novel address the issue of homosexuality as one of the facts that should be no longer ignored.

Through this quick review of history and the present two Arab in dealing with homosexuality it is clear that there is a good change, but there is still much to work for it. In order to continue to this change, it is very important to remember that the documentation and write is the most effective way and most powerful of the change, and to respond to the letter contrast, and provide facts fair and free from repression and absence that was used in all aspects of homosexuality and identities and sexual orientation.

Because we are an integral part of our society and our civilization, which links us with a link to the linguistic, social, cultural, behavioral, and historical destiny, we will continue to work for our rights and equality.


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