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In December 2010 president Omar Albashir  stated in a speech which preceded Southern Sudanese referendum in January this year:

If Southern Sudan chose the secession  the constitution will be then modified and there will be no place to talk about racial and cultural diversity and Islam and  sharia will be the main resources for legislation.”

  so it clear to see that we are going to a new face of Sudan area  In the history of Sudan, the coming of Islam eventually changed the nature of Sudanese society and facilitated the division of the country into north and south. Islam also fostered political unity, economic growth, and educational development among its adherents; however, these benefits were restricted largely to urban and commercial centers.

Although  Sudan seems a like a conservative country  in accountability sexual freedom for  it like any other country in the contaminated region with lying and deceit and hypocrisy  the area are most  majored in which they never been true and this phenomenon as they call it there is a  fear of exposure over the obscene actions of our governments.

this time i am going  to force of the essence of silent within Sudanese society with regard to homosexuality (sodomy) and I will try to shed light on the subject as mush i cane with all the truth and extensively within the segment, within Sudanese society, and have an impact and influence of social, political and religious crucial exploration into the causes of an outbreak of homosexuality the center of Salafist groups and Muslim in Sudan. those groups that reached from the domination and influence the social, political and religious to the extent that some have turned a blind eye when talking about homosexuality in society .

We’ll talk about it in is the center of Salafi, at the same subject and the long ago happened to me i came across some one who are welly respected and have been talking to a friend that i know told me that  he sat next someone bearded on the bus once the bus started moving from the station he began to feel my penis. and audaciously asked me to go with him to his house so that I practice sex with (and God is my witness).and he was a Imam of a mosque so on friday the talks about Adultery, homosexuality and immorality and try to grab a boy from the buses and on the streets  to almost any one here in Sudan will tell you the same that there is  no clean hand that did not touch the subject through his or her  life more than once .

on of them most famous once  the director of a university in Khartoum  his story and his passion for it  is said that he  tours the the streets of the city   his luxury car and hunt for young boys from the streets and haunted by himself, and even threaten them with weapons. And like him there are  too much. especially among big  Islamic  movements  people and some of them got to the point they are known  for it.

homosexuality or Sodomy in Sudan has existed for a very long time and    when it was famous for some of the homes in the dim and Hela  alja ida the  Dogs street  that what it was called there and in Omdurman and Khartoum and even  Bahri and people were know in there for being homosexuals this does not mean that the residents of these neighborhoods were all homosexuals, but the event and there are houses with them and I am not responsible for the its existence but  take them as examples of  revenue .. this is some of what Shawgi Badri side,

In the days of President Abboud it was know in that time to be something normal in  Sudan and my uncle Ahmed Badri, had house in  Khartoum 2, the policies of the State and the dancing boys were the main even , Ahmed Badri sponsored the interests of somemajor companies such as Marquintaal Sudanese and he was the first Sudannese judge. If we are to move forward in Sudan, we must be honest with our selves before others.

some claim to purity and religious leadership is not entitled to exercise homosexuality and Dr.Hassan Alturabi studied at Refaay School As my relatives who were older then me  that they were  had sex with Altrabi in the class rooms.

And when he came to be in power and authority in the years Refaay folks gave him good  slave to carry with him and to have sex with Dr. Hassan al alturabi  Even in Kober prison when her was  arrested  Hassan al-Turabi practiced this activity with prisoners.

When President Azhari has returned  from a visit to Uganda directly before May, Dr. Awad Abuzeid a describe the journey that he was think that there was something going on at that time Mohammed Abdul Kader was responsible for intelligence, and he was  famous for his honesty and being irreligious, and this thing is not unusual at the time, especially among military officers. And it happened to be Muhammad Abdul Qadir was away and the inquiry took place in the hands of Mamoun Awad Abu Zeid, the reply was that to reassuring of  Azahari the answer was that this was agrupe od Known drinkers and gambling it was a group gathered from Omdurman drinkers and Albnigo and that is almost like weed  and girls) and some of them prefer boys and one of them was President Nimeiri

President Nimeiri sexually molested Dr. Amin Nur brother who is currently in England when he was on a visit to his brother, Babiker Alnoor in the housing of armed forces  when he learned that the he was the brother of Babiker Started to apologize and asked him not to tell Babiker. out of Goodness he did never tolled  his brother Babiker and how much i wished that the Amin did so.

Finally, homosexuality in Islam has no  punishment  or sentence not like adultery and drinking alcohol, because at the time of the descent of the Quran was not know for the  Prophet peace be upon him the only thing was the story in Quran about the people of Loot .. but after the Islamic conquests they  found  homosexuality activities in Yemen,so they  wrote to Sidi Abu Bakr Siddiq those who consult his friends and  advices from his companions, so they  said to him, and it was Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased said that  I can not find a clear sentence in the Quran or in Hadeeth but compared to the penalty given to the people of  Loot recommended throwing them  from a high place … so they did  and  they did not find it in them to ask if the punishment had come upon the people of Loot  for the act  of sodomy or for the fact that they wanted have sex with force  with the angels that God sent and  but in Quran in that story there is no  part that Lot have his people of the punishment did not the  Prophet Noah didn’t have  warn his people, and so  did the Prophet Moses and all the Prophet  been pushed by God so should carrie the punishment in the same way, As i am not an expert in history and religion but the case is not as easy as they tell us and they do not have specific punishment all in the discretion of the Imam.

in a story about President Gaddafi in the exhibition of his hostility in the seventies in a speech he said, that there is no place for  homosexuality in Libya and  who ever wants it  let him go to Sudan, and I am not responsible for the words of Gaddafi but that an evidence of the existence of  homosexuality in Sudan since the time of President Abboud  and accepted it even in that time people didn’t think mush of it although it was there but it was known in the Athletes, artists and intellectuals communities so what this disapproval and Denial is all about  so Mr. President is talking about his claims are simply supported and spread in their councils and in all the Sudanese society.

sense that date December 2010 it has been been clear that it didn’t stop us or made us hide  some of us are still living in the dark but but for some  it had only got better there are brave and young people have been planing waddings and  fashion shows and more online  people and groups  and people started to know more about it talking about it and accepting in it even more then before it what  we  cane call a revolution i know that i may sound optimistic but that just wishful thinking that thing are going to get better.


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