Khartoum girls

A book (Khartoum Girls )  from Sinbad Foundation and  media for publication in Cairo.Journalist Sarah Mansour Forum owner is known and which live in united states.

Sara Mansour was born in Madani, Sudan. Mansour and her husband, Essam Mahadi, lived in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to the United States. They have lived in Rochester since 2001.

Mansour uses a variety of TV, cable and Internet outlets to report on and write about her native Sudan.

Mansour and her husband maintain a website called Sudanese, a new source and chat room that encourages discussion of Sudanese and Middle Eastern issues.

Mansour has reported on events and issues in her native Sudan as a correspondent for SCOLA TV and for Rochester public access Channel 10.

Mansour has written three books: “The Girls of Khartoum,” “The Girls of Khartoum II” and “Asylum.” A fourth book, on female circumcision, is planned.

on here website she says

To understand who I am today, you need to understand the culture I grew up in.

I have an interesting story to share with the world.

Writing this book will cause more troubles in my life, but I think it’s time for African women to speak up so the world can hear.

Best known for her NonFiction Novels, She has wrote four books. “The girls of Khartoum” “The girls of Khartoum II” “Asylum” And “Sudanyat”. A fifth book on Men abusing Women is planned to Come out Soon, And the money that she will make for that book will go to all the poor families. Fatian has sold more than 9,000 copies of her books. The first book of Sara has made a problem in Khartoum, For telling the truth and writing about problems that occur in Sudan. The government has issued a warning that if they catch anyone reading “The girls of Khartoum” they will be arrested. A few have already been arrested for this issue. The same government that wont allow my books are the same government that “Abuse” the Prostitutes, And women for having Innapropriate behavior. Sara started writing stories as a child, and by her late teens had begun writing poetry. Sara Mansour is Sudanese and speaks Arabic and has a dream to be a great Book writer one day and also a Buisness Women in the United States. Be on the lookout for this Author, Because one day she wont just be a Author. She’s going to be something bigger.

Talking about stories in the book says it is realistic to Sudanaat girls dropped off in the nests of prostitution and Homosexuality behaviors in Khartoum and several Arab and Western capitals

According to the author on the last page in the book About the Event the following Khartoum girls stories and realistic events lived by virtue of its writer and journalist approached the heroes of these stories, which monitors the failure of some Sudanese girls in Cairo, Paris, London and united states. Brothels Sudanaat in Jeddah, Riyadh and Paris. And other scandals to Sudanese  in horse racing in Abu Dhabi, Night clubs in Doha in Qatar are  primacy for Sudanese, Dubai which has the lion’s share for Sudanese Homosexuals. And scandalous movies of Sudanese girls with photographed inside Khartoum.

Mobiles with pictures of Homosexuality behaviors Sudanese girls  ; so do not be surprised when you hear of the people with the  spread of  homosexuality, lesbianism and other Homosexuality behavior and forbidden in Islamic societies  reality.

Sudanese girl she easily scratch the glass she made  the Sudanese community  / Arab, who does not care our  shame for the  man / wolf  man, he is not  bothered by what distorts the reputation of the girl or woman.

The loser in this scandal will always  be the girl the first and last and the punishment in the Hereafter, and unfortunately many man wolves …..  and The sheep are stupid ….. The book is about some Sudanese women and girls abroad is responsible for maintaining the face of Sudan


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