This how they do it in Sudan police and order?

We were told when we were yang that the police serve to protect here in Khartoum when you see them you run

remember that when i was 6 i wished to become one thank good i am not, dogs of this  system a so called  police did a new massacre that wont be forgiven and never forgotten on the civilians this crime echoes large in the hearts of the people of  Aldiom Eastern (Dim)  we know that  police is responsible for the security of the community and the people in the protection and safe haven for citizens, but the opposite is true under the criminal regime Policy . has seen the neighborhood of dim previously killed , Dr. Ali Fadl at the hands of members of the system police as was Communist Party of Sudan Sudanese Here is the scenario is repeated again, but not this time YouTube this time got most of what they do to sudanese  civilians confirms the targeting system .

Family ajabna , Gabriel ajabna is one of the families that inhabit the ancient and well-known around  Dim all the people and the surrounding areas and contribute to all its members in building this nation. Here and enumerate some of the roles of family members:

  • ajabna , brother Abdul Aziz: worked as a teacher in various stages of education and now works as a supervisor and educator in the Ministry of Education
  • ajabna, brother Jamal: works in the interests of the municipality
  • Hassanein ajabna, brother: Haaz work in the police for many years
  • ajabna, brother Khaled: working in the Customs Service Port Sudan first lieutenant
  • ajabna, brother Walid: working in the field of painting and sculpture
  • Nimeiri ajabna, brother: working in the diplomatic corps
  • ajabna, sister Nadia: works as a teacher and supervisor for kindergarten

As a political martyr Awwadah are active in the National Congress Party and participated in the last election, which the country has witnessed.

How Awwadah died?

Awwadah was shot in center of the head it got out of the back of the head was taken to the hospital by family and neighbors did not last for long she  died at four in the morning on Tuesday, as the  rest of the family was beaten by police officers, including the mother’s  her right hand was broken hand some of her teeth. and her brother Walid had a broken leg and the right hand and hit in the head, and brother, Muhammad received badly beaten in the face, breaking the left hand, and sister and prestige of beating in the abdomen, and for the information of have been for all of them to hospitals, and the killer is Lieutenant Hamed, aged 22 years He is a graduate from police academy recently, after the events of the massacre and found an empty 15 rounds  used dogs by the police in the criminal incident. this but it is evidence suggesting premeditated and surveillance.

All these data suggest the existence of a strong relationship course of operations and battles in all of South Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) and Southern Blue Nile, to the inability of the system to achieve any victory over the level of both the military and political. To transfer the battle to the Khartoum regime to target unarmed civilians, referring to the tribal war to perpetuate the principle of racial injustice and persecution between the races  of Sudan to ensure that provision. This is a critical juncture viscous all citizens in this war in some way or another.

Also wants the dimensions of Nubia from the big cities, especially the national capital to those practices even go to the south and a full-time for the construction of the Second Republic which is devoid of cultural non-Arab element Negro-African. I have forgotten the role of the Nuba in Sudan connecting tissue, starting from the era of ancient kingdoms and through Bahod foreign colonization to the present day, and heart are the advocates of peace and against racism are one of the most tribes with other tribes in the country named Sudan.

From this site I call all the Sudanese to stand side by side with the family ofajabna, Gabriel and Nubia in the face of this unjust system in order to achieve justice and retribution to take the victory.

That this system does not want a unit that remains of Sudan in problems and wars in every patch of this earth in the economy collapsed and the high cost of living, which for untold until deviated families noble to live and survive.this system or gang is an enemy of the people and the nation.

the victim’s family Awwadah stuck to the  punishment of the perpetrator of a crime on the 9th of march tuesday, and an apology from the police as stated in its statement following the incident. He stressed member of the Revolutionary Command rescue and former Dean of the family wonder, Major General Ibrahim Nile Aidam Addressing the memorial deceased Awwadah area Dim Khartoum yesterday, the need to provide the police an apology to the caused by the defamation of the people of the region Dim, and pointed to the importance of adopting the necessary legal procedures and interpretation in the face of the crime .
Confirming their interest in the unity of Sudan and the country’s security, and stressed that retribution Aidam the right and duty to implement it against the perpetrator of the crime. For his part, the representative of the leading family of wonder, Makki Ali Playle statement from the Federation of Associations and Links «Alnimanj» be denied that the victim’s brother, Walid wonder, drunk-hour event, plus it did not issue a judicial decision by the confiscation of their house Baldem. Mackie and denounced in a statement obtained «Alintibaha», a copy of the shooting of unarmed citizens, and explained that the role of the police is to protect the people and the prosecution of foreign vices and practitioners of the country. In the same context, the family’s lawyer vowed to pursue Awwadah, endeavor to show the right and fair application of justice in this case.


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