Sudan: what happened to our freedom of speech

Perhaps the biggest lessons that emerged from the political parties of the extreme right to extreme left after the experiences of totalitarian rule is that the democratic system is the perfect choice that no longer do any good to be avoided claims of superiority ideological, trusteeship and the burning of the stages taken from  “Democracy is do not work in Sudan”.

political Islam  has many of the ills of ideology, which clashes with the principles of democratic action, which is based on respect for different in opinion or thought or belief, the democratic system is exclusionary institution on the “arrogance of faith,” and based on contempt of others and the glorification of self- do not encourage to accept criticism, and recognition error. And brought up in its bosom, which comes out to public work yards, carrying an instrument having the full right and absolute truth.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
George Washington (1732-1799) First President of the USA

This to say in the process of closing the newspaper to comment on the Alwan , and some of what is stated in a memorandum thousand member of the National Congress, and the recent National Congress leader Ahmed Abdel Rahman, a newspaper of public opinion.

The Alwan  next to her sister Alraya spoken tongue of NIF, has spared no newspaper and no effort to question the democratic system and the national parties, and maneuver in the name of the law, and disregard for leadership, and taunt the men of judgment, they are the addresses of the late Dr. Omar Nour Permanent Secretary of Agriculture and Professor Mohammed El-Tom, Minister of Culture and Information to” Toum Kdes “, Omar and Othman, Minister of Housing to” Osman bird, “and Mr. Ahmed Hussein, Minister of the Interior to” Hajjaj bin Yousef. ” However, not exposed to the closure of the newspaper for the duration of democratic governance, and not been publisher of the arrest.

the Sudanese security forces  raided the offices of the newspaper “Rai Alshaab” a spokesperson for People’s Congress, which is led by Hassan Turabi, the confiscation of the newspaper published yesterday on the back of editorial line opposition to government policies.

The security forces and intelligence services have confiscate bye shutting down of newspaper  and barred him from the distribution, at the same time asked the editor of the newspaper to come to the Security Bureau in the evening the same day and told him the decision, director of security to close the newspaper and the confiscation of their property without that it seems obvious reasons justify such acts of oppression, adding that security forces demanding national media not to violate national security, the name of freedom of the press in Sudan.

It should be noted that “Rai Alshaab” has reopened in October after a previous closure ordered by the authorities and continued for a few months and since the return of a newspaper critical of the government in a clear and constant.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
Voltaire (1694-1778) French writer and historian

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, “The continuing violations of the right of the press and journalists clear indication of the attitude of the authorities freedom of opinion and expression, and the number of seizures made in the last period for newspapers of all currents makes abundantly clear that the criticism and abuse contentious issues is unwanted by the Sudanese authorities that do not want to hear a voice opposed to its policies “

The Arabic Network “authorities continue to use the same vocabulary of oppression and justify their actions to preserve the national security!!, Not yet fully comprehend that the practices of confiscation and censorship are no longer valid or consistent in light of the change that is happening now in the Arab Region”

Mohamed Abdel Dayem, side coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa at the Committee to Protect Journalists, “has been the Sudanese authorities are constantly closure of newspapers and confiscated to silence critical voices. The government should immediately cease this practice of the repressive and return property confiscated.”

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.
Salman Rushdie (1948-?) Anglo-Indian novelist.

the National Intelligence and Security Issued a decision to suspend Alintibaha for an unlimited period linked to the completion of proceedings in the author, who opened against them and made the comment chests basis of the material (24) and (25-2) of the National Security Act which empowers the Security Service to use its powers to suspend the issuance of any publication of national security was at risk.

With this decision the current fourth daily newspaper exposed to such a move was preceded by Gazette Newspapers and Rai Alshaab and Alwan – something that should concern the future of freedom of expression in the country at this sensitive stage of the country’s history.

the security apparatus that comment publication of the paper does not mean apostasy from the climate of freedom available in the country but is an invitation to practice daily conscious away from the rhetoric which is not consistent with the ethics of the profession and the charters of the press with the need to maintain national security in a very complex security conditions experienced by the country.

 freedom of speech is understood as a multi-faceted right that includes not only the right to express, or disseminate, information and ideas, but three further distinct aspects:

  • the right to seek information and ideas;
  • the right to receive information and ideas;
  • the right to impart information and ideas
Andrew Puddephatt, Freedom of Expression, The essentials of Human Rights, Hodder Arnold, 2005, pg.128

At first, we do not know how we can consider the closure of the newspaper because of the view shown is not a reversal in the climate of public freedoms Closure Management is a decision makes the executive branch is the judge and jury at the same time and pre-empt the role of the judiciary, which should invoke everyone down at the principles of the rule of law, The statement did not say what materials published in the newspaper that threaten national security or the critic to the back of the armed forces, even if there is a charge what happen to innocent until proven guilty by a court does  to  prove guilt, the decision is not in the interest of the government itself, because the reader would know that the decision was due to corrupt files that been opened by newspaper and will result in a sense as an attempt to close those files, which is detrimental to the reputation of the government more than the published material.

Newspapers do not claim immunity before the rule of law and be satisfied to stand in front of the judiciary in every accusation against them  and the press law allows accounting newspapers not before the courts, but in front of the Press Council about the excesses of professional and jump around each of these stages to shut down the paper administrative decision under the provisions of the law security can not be explained But that bounce on press freedoms – We demand a review of this technique in dealing with the press and respect for freedom of opinion and resort to the judiciary in the case of violations and compliance with its provisions the final – and any other conduct violates the principles established in the Constitution and international conventions

According to this complex conditions and experienced by the movement of the Sudanese press, as well as the continuation of the censorship it, we find the continental and observed the movement it is an adaptation of the Registrar in accordance with the whims of the ruling, and this affects negatively on the history of the Sudanese press and the process of development and progress, is striking in the subject, the  so-called “union of journalists,” the crossing for the rights of journalists who do not find to defend any of the issues that ignite from the press and journalists, which is such as associations of power in universities rather than to defend the rights of their representatives, you see standing in a row or  riding with the directions of the Authority ruling in the case of any of the newspapers that exist, and this approach is wrong and dangerous, how can we find it  for those who control the syndicate responsible for maintaining the freedom of the press is not a government institution to defend the regime and its institutions of different but Association maintains the rights of journalists in the country.

Finally, the national journalists to stand in the face of this tampering with the security, and stop this wave aimed at silencing all voices  (as expressions), to emphasize the freedom of the press and the preservation of  its resources and its glory and its history, and their freedom as well as in the formation of a union  expressive indeed about their hopes and aspirations without the commandments or temptation, to maintain their unity and defend all the been  achieved in the past …

You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.                                                                                                                                                                                                 El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, or Malcolm X Speech in New York City (7 January 1965)


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