Social Control and Retributive Genocide in sudan

Beyond the current reality of a culture of this  government and policy approach taken by the Sudanese regime to deal with core issues of the crisis Sudanese puts a lot of problems and complications that future generations to Inherit, which often will have cost a high cost on the model of the experience of Rwanda, in the transfer of tensions by the political accumulated and reflected according to the perspective of praise,class and racial ends for the most part to the heinous crimes of humanity has been violently shaking the human conscience over the past century of human history.

The approach of the government rescue based on the desire to control others and subjected a behavior that is so arrogant  striped all human values this approach will be a dangers attempts to empty the political issues at fair content, convert it to conflicts that will impose its presence and control the fate of a lot of developments coming and important in determining the course and the fate of the state and society in Sudan.

The culture of social control and proactive retribution practice in corrupt regimes that turns man from a natural object that get  his strength from contact with others and respect their rights, to control monster of cruelty and turbulent emotions and the desire to control others because a lost of confidence in himself. That is the dilemma of distortions and psychological moral misery to most of the leaders of this government, which prompted them to walk on the path of (Retributive Genocide), and  (Social Control) as one of the most important tools, which is behind the violence and genocide against civilians in most regions affected by war in Sudan.

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.”
George Orwell, 1984

systematic roots of social control and retribution proactive:

The systematic “anticipatory retaliation” and “social control” are two of the most common approaches that closed ethnic groups when seeking to dispose of specific ethnic groups believe that they pose a threat to its interests and survival. They depend on the same  the way that deliberately Aryan Nazi 0 used to get rid of the Jews and the Gypsies when they saw in them a threat to the economic strength and racial purity of the nation Aryan, according to the terms obsessive Nazi, which produced the most heinous crimes on humanity throughout the modern history of mankind.

What encouraged them  in this is the political crisis is a social situation of – Sudan and it complex since the first creation of the states of Sudan in central Sudan, and influenced by cultural environment of the area, borrowing some ideas of feudalism practiced by colonialism in different parts of the colonies of the African neighbors. Has been the social crisis – political form in history as a result of the lack of patriotism and leadership quality with knowledge of the nature of the political and moral responsibilities.

Also contributed to the absence of political Opposition parties is responsible, jump in national policy in aspiration to share the cake  with the system builds Ideological and political ambitions on the blood and tears of the sons and daughters of the country, and make room for them to distort the political practice and dragging the country and society to a civil war and the victims are civilians, and fuels who are fighting and the And its fuel on cracking the  unity of the community. All the current indications of accumulation of failures of Policies will definitely lead to community violence and indiscriminate killing on the basis of race, color, and Affiliation.

Denial of responsibility

Despite the distinction of all the issues of Sudan as internal conflict and limited foreign a fairs dimensions and full of political grievances that can be addressed in good listening  to those grievances and impartiality in its treatment, but the system deliberate tactic of denial of responsibility  as one of the tools of proactive retribution using slogans of patriotism as a cover for an agenda to  achieve the goals of racial undeclared seeks through the system hard to corner the formula new social contract for the country  to diverse ethnically and culturally, according to a cultural perspective for the Islamic and Arabic, is inapplicable according to the case of  Sudan’s diversity and complexity.

Denial is the present tactic in political discourse since they came, where it began denying the ideological affiliation of the Islamist and then disguising themselves strategists to the Islamist and coup them for the benefit of a small ethnic group suffers from a psychological and deformities.

The implementation

The regime began for a long period of denial of responsibility for the failures and deterioration of the political and social find and justification for a frail and naive of many cases was the denial of the political right of citizens been  robbed of power at night first, then the denial of cultural diversity and social and attempts to impose the culture and religion under Islamic slogans second, then the denial of political demands of the public and underestimating the armed opposition, and unarmed as a chain of conspiracies, and mercenaries for the foreign threat.

then there is denial of reality of the economic situation deteriorating and extreme poverty and characterization of famine being there was food gaps and shifts in the development of the global market, then the subsequent denial of the right of civilians in the expression and practice of public and personal freedoms being a calling it disturbance and disgraceful acts and moral dissolution, and finally the denial cases of abuse and killing of civilians, either hiding the numbers the real victims, then shift the blame and  responsibility to  the tribal militias as in the west  the fact that the crisis is an internal conflict does not concern them, denying victims the right to live saying he is a rebels and a traitors and a rogue.

to be more objective in analyzing the leader we must remember that the genocide it were not a target and it was a conscious  “Almtcefona” (claiming to be Sufism :  most of the leaders  came from a modest backgrounds and grew up in simple rural communities ) with the exclusionary agenda , It came as a product of a deliberate policy is motivated by fear and desire for revenge and violence, according to the method of dragging the man (Dragging Feet Technique), which justify violence and murder and then use it as a tool to filter and get rid of the default threats.

then it usually the tactic will be  (Neutralization Technique) of seeking to strip the humanity character from the  victims (Dehumanization),  describing them and classified to a degree less than human beings and then launch of terminology tags such as  “server” and “slaves” and other pejorative terms that put the victims in a position inferior to justify killing them.

in the same  way the security system and arm forces  with that method to justify the confiscation of freedoms, rape and torture in the face of political activists and lawyers, describing them  as criminals  such as  “agents of  فاث Criminal Court” and “spies,” “saboteurs” to legitimize violence and justify bullying on the constitutional rights of individuals and the confiscation of their rights to protest and demonstrate, or seeking to change the system even human rights organizations are a target as well as to foreign objects to the approach of violence.

The contradictions

The behavior of paradoxical and strange paid executioners system sometimes to break virginity principles and the rape of their slogans of political and religious seeking to negotiate and appeasement with those who they have describe them as traitors and renegades and hired without regard much of what is being imprisoned for the values of Islam.

Clear that the principle of “jurisprudence of necessity” when you find them scurrying off to receive the organizations and foreign human rights  or pass useful information to the U.S. intelligence “to enable them” to hit the “brotherhood of Islamic Mujaheddin in Somalis” held  secret conversations with “Israel” through the country Qatar without regard “to the jurisprudence  and criminalization” which has been used by the system since 1989.

Not ashamed of the religion and self-esteem of divine involvement of God in there killings, theft and corruption through the slogan “its for God” Then the evolution of the system in an interpretation to turn the logo “its for God” into “everything is to God.”  was Singed by the seniors of this government  and their youngest ones  hiding behind it a huge amount of crime and  corruption.

the system also and deliberately ill-approach shorthand political issues in  Sudan as a conflict views of geography, then later worked on the inventory in the after tight commend , then the use of ethnic refinement violence and apparatus repressive, especially his military with mobilizing a community based on ethnic and racial and religious campaigns in what the Mujahideen and the PDF and friendly forces and other militias that Assad played in the implementation practices of genocide and proactive approach to retribution.

Bye that the government maintained in here due to poor intellectual and paralyzing the forces opposed to them – the understanding and interpretation of the crisis and national challenges at the community level, and thus cut off the road in front of one of the most important tools of change of public.

“If I were a dictator, religion and state would be separate. I swear by my religion. I will die for it. But it is my personal affair. The state has nothing to do with it. The state would look after your secular welfare, health, communications, foreign relations, currency and so on, but not your or my religion. That is everybody’s personal concern!”
Mahatma Gandhi

In the end

After lasting for more than 23 years and after all this the specter of a society is weak and people are suffers from a loss of confidence in its various components, ready to fight each other and skeptical selves in the credibility of the slogans of the opposition and its intentions, especially since most of them do not present a different interpretation or approach a different proactive approach to the same punishment has been practiced, but when they were in government, while some other new parties evolution in speech but revenge is the other side of the coin discourse rescuer worn.

This is the main reason for the weak response of the street with the calls of rising up against the regime and the creation of a public uprising extracting  the regime and end the decades of murder, displacement and starvation.

What awaits the nation and the future generations after that dismantled of the system and the  national unity and devoted to the systematic “social control” and “anticipatory retaliation” to the regime’s policies have become part of the culture of today’s society? What is the next step? Is it really the last step before the situation explodes into ethnic war between the components of society, as happened in Rwanda? What are the missing link in the chain of events that will lead it to collapse completely, and what is required for an exit from the current crisis which is no longer a crisis but a crisis of governance community?

these questions must present themselves to all civil society organizations and political forces that must take into account the seriousness of the current situation.

so from here i request a shift will ot only be subject to the availability of political and social conditions and the emergence of different political leadership is able to provide an inspiring alternative humanitarian that change the course of this wounded torn country


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