the strategic battalion the cyber warfare

Every morning rises in this country you find that this government wont give up the power with out a fight

Mandour Mahdi, leader of the ruling National Congress Party in Sudan, his attack  the anti-youth groups he called them the youth of the Facebook and what was attributed to  the Mahdi Mandour along with  Nafie Ali Nafie,  we say to young people (Facebook youth) these writings that are written on the pages of the Internet, it can not change a thing or move our positions one as much as  ant or an inch.. And also: who stands before us  we will crush  and finish tll the last one in this land.

A question is   appears from the debates in chat rooms and social networking sites because or so called leaders do not know the capacity of those sites to unify the vision and the development of revolution to follow all  on the same path with the same language and vocabulary, from the reduction of what is happening and the end of the challenge to enter (the masses) … And Khartoum, the capital.

It means that the political struggle through peaceful means generally accepted according to the Constitution and the law do not apply within the literature of the ruling party and its direction at the highest levels . This explains the insistence on the sustainability of the violence in the arena of student activity in universities, and in the suppression of peaceful protests and expressions. As if they wanted to tell their opponents that they are ready to step up things and detonated in the same manner practiced by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi the Libyan  which is the most prominent title (on me  and on my enemies). This idea is old and deeply rooted in the mind of the regime that threaten intensified whenever the winds of change appear.

call that mind free which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith, which opens itself to light whencesoever it may come, which receives new truth as an angel from Heaven.

William Ellery Channing

2011 protests in Sudanese

They never fail who dieIn a great cause: the block may soak their gore: Their heads may sodden in the sun; their limbsBe strung to city gates and castle walls—But still their Spirit walks abroad. Though yearsElapse, and others share as dark a doom,They but augment the deep and sweeping thoughtsWhich overpower all others, and conductThe world at last to Freedom.

LORD BYRON, Marino Faliero

   Political reasons

The secession of southern Sudan and the Darfur conflict: he wanted demonstrators “to show their anger about the things that led to the division of the country, and because the future of the North is not clear” after the secession of the south. there have been calls over the Internet to organize peaceful marches against the government in all parts of Sudan in conjunction with the announcement of the results initial self-determination referendum, which refers to the desire of about 99% of southerners to secede from the north. He also criticized the activists secession of southern Sudan, which Nspoh “the policy of divide and rule adopted by the government,” and the conflict in Darfur continued for eight years (to date 2011).

  • No freedom: also called on those sites (in the inspiration of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions) to demonstrate in protest against what they described as narrowing freedoms.
  • Violation of human rights: activists also condemned what his human rights violations committed by security forces.
  • Arrest of Hassan al-Turabi: Sudanese opposition forces threatened to shoot down the government of President Omar al-Bashir through the mobilization of their audiences and to get off the street, and that after the arrest of Sudanese security service leader of the opposition Popular Congress Hassan al-Turabi. The Sudanese security apparatus arrested Turabi from his home late Monday, 17/1/2011 CE, said Nafie Ali Nafie, Assistant to the President of Sudan, that the security agencies received information described Bmothagh prove the involvement of al-Turabi of seeking to create what he called strife and assassinations in the street.
  • Calls to change the system: calls appeared on the Facebook site to demonstrate peacefully to demand the government to drop and even change the system.

2 – economic and social causes

  • High cost of living, poverty and unemployment: young activists denounced the online inflation and rising food prices, poverty and unemployment. According to government figures released by the end of 2010, the unemployment rate reached 40% in Sudan.
  • Experts considered that half the population of northern Sudan about living under the poverty line.
  •  Corruption The activists also denounced the site via Facebook what they described as corruption.

3 – the wave of the outbreak of Arab protests

Broke out in early 2011, a wave of mass protests, including many Arab countries, igniting spark of the Tunisian citizen Mohammed Bouazizi, who burned himself to protest the poor conditions in Tunisia. The young people are leading these protests across the Arab, especially social networking sites on the Internet Calfaspock and Twitter, to demand political reforms, economic and social. And has achieved remarkable successes such protest Krh Tunisian and Egyptian revolution, which toppled two Presidents Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak.

The timeline of the events

Appeared invitations to students via social networking sites on the Internet such as Facebook to organize peaceful marches against the government in all parts of Sudan on Sunday, 30.1.2011 m five days after the start of the revolution of January 25 Egyptian in 2011, which demanded the fall of the regime of President Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

also called some of them to pretend to change the system. The demonstrations in conjunction also with the announcement of preliminary results of self-determination referendum for South Sudan, which refers to the desire of about 99% of southerners to secede from the north.

Tuesday, 25/1/2011

Sudanese president affirms that he would not flee paid tribute to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir uprising of the Tunisian people, which led to the deposition of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his flight from the country, stressing that it will not escape that erupted Sudanese against him, as he stressed that he would not are reluctant on the application of Islamic law in the north after separation of the south.

Sunday, 30/1/2011 m (the first protest)

Student protest: police clashed today with Sudanese university students as they tried to get out in rallies to denounce the rise in prices and demand the resignation of the government and the beat and detained some of them. According to Agence France-Presse that the riot police responded to about 1000 students from Omdurman Islamic University, during a march to the exit in the street shouting slogans criticizing President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. It said the clashes broke out when protesters began throwing stones at police, who in turn took the beating students with sticks. And Reuters reported that dozens of police officers started beating students with sticks in Jackson Square and some of them arrested. Demonstrated as well as about 500 students from the university in Omdurman civil chanting slogans critical of the high prices and demanding change. The riot police fired rounds of tear gas and surrounded the students at both universities.

Front of the palace: 100 young people marched towards the presidential palace near the center of Khartoum chanting “We want change, not the high prices.” And addressed the crowd as well as those of the police who chased the protesters and arrested at least 5 of them.

Arrest of journalists: As police arrested about a dozen journalists working for local media and international and asked them not to cover the protests.

Timing of the protests: These demonstrations in response to calls over the Internet to organize peaceful marches against the government in all parts of Sudan in conjunction with the announcement of preliminary results of the referendum on self-determination, which refers to the desire of about 99% of southerners to secede from the north. Come as well as five days after the start of the outbreak of the revolution, January 25, which demanded the fall of the Egyptian regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

Police Warning: The Sudanese police yesterday warned of the consequences of demonstrating to the overall change, and drop the system in ways that are illegal in the face while the ruling National Congress Party accused the Popular Congress Party and the movements of the left being behind the call to demonstrate that spread across the Internet.

 Friday, 11/2/2011

dozens of women, families of political prisoners and activists in Khartoum in front of the Intelligence and Security Services of Sudan and demanded the release of their relatives or to bring them to trial. Also called burqa to allow their families to know their families and place of detention to visit them to check on their health.

 Sunday, 13/2/2011

A gathering of journalists: the Sudanese security forces prevented journalists from the day organizing a protest against the arrest of their colleagues during demonstrations two weeks ago.

It also gave a Sudanese security arrested five television cameramen and journalists trying to cover the protests. The spread of dozens of security men and officers in civilian clothes in the vicinity of the National Press Council – the body overseeing the media sector – in order to prevent the gathering of media.

A feminist rally: on the other attended a feminist rally (about 20 women) in front of the Sudanese security apparatus in which demonstrators demanded the release of their children detained by the security during the protest demonstrations the country has experienced. Where gathered quietly in front of the security in Khartoum without causing friction with the police and their children lift their pictures of the detainees.

Monday 21/2/2011

Said spring of Abd al-Ati senior official in the ruling National Congress Party in Sudan today that Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir would not seek to run again in presidential elections. [9] According to the Constitution of Sudan’s current, the upcoming presidential elections scheduled to take place within four years.

He also said that the president has pledged to form a committee to fight corruption, and that he hinted he may retire, a move critics say it is designed to calm the opposition at a time when unrest sweeping the Arab world.

 Tuesday, 8/3/2011

Authorities arrested more than fifty minutes after the woman Bdihen protest in the capital of Omdurman against human rights violations and to celebrate International Women’s Day, has announced that submitting to trial within the next few hours.

Sunday, 20/3/2011

Young Sudanese demonstrated: young men called on Sudanese to protest tomorrow against the regime of President Omar al-Bashir in Sudan in various parts of inspiration on what appears to be demonstrations in the Arab world.

The police violently suppressed a number of demonstrations since the beginning of the year, using tear gas and barn to disperse the demonstrators and arrested many of them.

Bashir was announced last month the establishment of a committee to fight corruption, and said he would not run for another term, according to the announcement made by the ruling party leadership. But advocates see a demonstration Monday that the National Congress Party has lost its credibility completely, leaving only the demonstrations for change despite the risks involved in it. Analysts were unanimous to say that the shortage of basic foodstuffs and services may be a critical element in the mobilization of the Sudanese.

Monday 21/3/2011 ( protest II)

Sudanese police intervened using the barn and lacrimal gas to disperse two protests two small anti-government, when young men began a second attempt to simulate the uprisings Tunisia and Egypt.

Khartoum: Hundreds of demonstrators chanted slogans of “freedom .. freedom,” and raised the slogan “the people wanted to overthrow the regime.” And heavily armed police surrounded the university and spread throughout the capital, Khartoum. Bahera then hit the demonstrators, and used tear gas near the bus station head in Khartoum.

And dumdum: About 250 demonstrators gathered in the market and chanting slogans such as “people want to overthrow the regime”, “not the high prices.” Before being dispersed by police and arrested a number of militants.

The scores of those arrested since the first protest against the government on 30 January 2011 AD they had been tortured and beaten. They were released without charge.

Wednesday, 23/3/2011

Threatened the ruling National Congress Party, the political forces crushed the opposition and “wiped off the face of the earth” if they tried to stage a demonstration to overthrow the regime of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

He scoffed at Mandour Mahdi, leader of the party of youth “facebook” who claim to change the system, describing them as tails, saying that what the communists postings on the Internet pages will not shake Remca in the eyes of the system.

The youth organized a Facebook protest of some small, most recently two protests anti-government in Khartoum on Monday, but police dispersed firing tear gas at demonstrators. In the city of Wad Medani in central Sudan, about 250 protesters gathered in the market before being dispersed by police and arrested a number of militants.

Wednesday, 6/4/2011

Called for thousands of young Sudanese in a campaign on Facebook and other social sites on the Internet, of Sudanese descent to the street and drop to change the regime of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on the lines of what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, but the government alluded to deter this campaign. While not clear the nature of this campaign, youth not to be taken by the form of demonstrations, local information indicates that the young are independent and others belonging to a number of political parties are moving the call to demonstrate against the government following the example of experiences of Tunisia and Egypt.

And select the Sudanese youth in the campaign on Facebook and other sites a set of demands, including freedom and the fight against corruption, unemployment, hunger, oppression and poverty, as they claim to form a transitional government followed by national elections free and fair. They called to stand as a row – along with our children displaced poor people who stole their livelihood – to prevent further terror and the confiscation of the future.

It means that the handling of the political conflict by peaceful means recognized by the Constitution and the law of parties, do not fall within the literature of the ruling party and its direction at the highest levels of the organization. This explains the insistence on the sustainability of violence in the arena of student activity in universities, and in the suppression of peaceful protests and expressions. As if they wanted to tell their opponents that they are ready to step up things and detonated in the same manner practiced by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of the Libyan people, which is the most prominent title (on and on my enemies). This idea is old and deeply rooted in the mind of the system (rescue?!) That threaten Balsomlh intensified whenever the winds of change.

That humanity and sincerity which dispose men to resist injustice and tyranny render them unfit to cope with the cunning and power of those who are opposed to them. The friends of liberty trust to the professions of others because they are themselves sincere, and endeavour to secure the public good with the least possible hurt to its enemies, who have no regard to anything but their own unprincipled ends, and stick at nothing to accomplish them.

WILLIAM HAZLITT, Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays

so what else cane we say or do

Article (14) of the Act does not allow the Sudanese parties, nor permit any party branches the  formation of armed even if the ruling party state, which is said by politicians and media at the time they hear statements Mandour. Legal opinion about the armed formations of the political parties registered under the law does not allow the Sudanese parties and allows the formation of armed militias to any party whatsoever. Says the legal lawyer  Al-Hajj that announcement formation Battalion (virility strategy) by the National Congress party constitutes a violation under the Criminal Code of 1991 as it works to create destabilization and strife between the citizens and violates the law of parties who spoke on condition for the exercise of political action away from any military action or a religious or racist.
In the context explained the legal expert Nabil Adib that under the law of parties, the Sudanese are not allowed in any armed organization of political parties registered in accordance with its reasons, and said the battalion, under any name is a call to a breach of the Constitution and a violation of criminal law and a violation of citizens’ rights regarding the right of association and expression, assembly and peaceful demonstration.
lawyer Mohamed Ibrahim Adam, the establishment of a battalion of the National Convention for the Suppression of the people and silence the voice in the expression of freedom and change and bring down the system that had burdened the people with its policies clumsy, politically and economically is a violation of the law of parties in Sudan, and said whatever the name of the organization newborn and justification for its establishment is to organize contrary to law and the Constitution.
The lawyer said Shadia behind God to the National Congress Party did not learn a lesson from motives of revolutions in both Egypt and Tunisia, Yemen and the composition of the battalion came in response to what is happening from the revolutions in the region surrounding the Sudan, said rather than respond to the demands of the masses and take the lesson useful to those revolutions trying to Congress to do more deterrence and repression against defenseless people.


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