Fudeili Gama’a says : Sudan is racial country due its tribal and ethnic structure

Fudeili Gama'a


SudaneseOnline-The writer and human rights activist Fudeili Gama’a said that Sudan is racial country due its tribal and ethnic structure, adding that the country didn’t  reach the nationalism stage.  In a radio interview will be broadcast today at Dabanga radio, Gama’a stated that the state-owned media  ignores the Sudanese different ethnic groups  and does not allow them to spread their cultures, languages and heritage, noting that the state-owned media is exploited to serve very small sector in the Sudanese society which called  Sudanese culture and Sudanese signing. He added that the center controls the media, and therefore imposes its culture and does not allow other regions to express their cultures, pointing out that the elite in the center has launched criticism against Ali Abdullatif in the past and one of them said that Sudan will get into trouble if it governed by person like Ali Abdullatif.

Gama’a said that the Sudanese army historically just fights its people as happened in South Sudan, Blue Nile, East Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Darfur, indicating that the central elite still controls the country and participation of the rest of the regions in the power is merely decoration. He said that Islamists were  divided on ethnic basis, explaining that the matter needs to establishing of new building based on the citizenship and respect of the Sudanese different cultures in order to create new culture and nationalism.

He indicated that despite he is against the war, but he wishes removing the current regime by any means and he excuses those who carried weapons after the failure of all solutions, noting that there is new

awareness move which represents in participation of the central people with Nuba Mountains and Darfur to fight the regime together.

He said to eradicate the culture of racism and its practice in Sudan ” the solution is establishing of civil democratic state and removing the current regime by any means”.

from this you now that the history of racial relations in Sudan is a fundamental aspect of modern Sudanese history, but it is a distressing, painful, and very political saga. It is very difficult for Northern Sudanese society to acknowledge that racial relations are a primary source of conflict, social suffering, and injustice. Yet to ignore them means not only to forget an important part of the past, to invalidate the experience of millions of Sudanese who have experienced and continue to experience forms of structural racism, but also to create all the conditions necessary for this saga to repeat itself constantly


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