The Excesses of the police in the application of the Public Order Act

Criticized by the Commission on Human Rights and parliamentary legislation and justice the application of the Public Order Act on citizens, contrary to human rights. And acknowledged excesses in the application of the law by some police departments, and revealed a tendency to review the law and in conformity with Islamic law in coordination with the States and the Ministry of Justice to determine the cause and whether or texts and method of implementation mechanisms.

The Chairman of the Committee, “Mr. Haji Sulaiman”, in a press statement, yesterday, after a meeting with the Minister of Justice, seeking his committee in coordination with the Ministry of Justice to review the laws and linked to their legitimate origins. He is not the powers of the control legislation state, but when it is exposed citizens practices against human rights, it requires intervention and coordination with the hardware state for review, noting that rights issues in general and the funds be wrong with the application and not in the text, criticizing incident assaulted by police on HOME Baldem citizen, accompanied by his wife; which he considered “virtuous” a violation of the human rights.

In context, the “virtuous” empty prisons of political detainees without bringing charges against them, saying there is no political prisoner has not been charged. And expressed the readiness of the Commission to receive any complaints in this regard.

And said: I do not pretend that we have reached the required level of freedoms; because the country’s circumstances require more pressure and blockade security to prevent escape, pointing to shut down some newspapers and writers by the security device asks for the Journalists’ Union.

In direction, stressed the “virtuous” the government’s willingness to cooperate with the independent expert for human rights under the tenth item. He said that the Minister of Justice praised the positive attitude of the Arab Group and the African and some European countries for their support to Sudan.


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