Marriage and its Opposites

Robert B. Sloan

Marriage, Gay marriage, homosexuality, family, children, parenting, Scripture forbids homosexual behavior because it is the very antithesis of marriage. In Romans 1, Paul, with breathtaking speed, described homosexual experience as impure, dishonorable, degrading, and against nature. God, as an act of wrath, gave people over to those behaviors because they would rather worship the creature than the creator.

It’s interesting that people who want to promote homosexual experience have to appeal to a false, very recent idea of sexual identity that is outside one’s physical identity. They try, for the first time in human history, to create a sexual consciousness that’s separate from gender.  But if a man has a so-called inner sexual identity that is different from the way he’s physically made, he is at war with himself. You can never be a complete person when you have an identity that is at war with the most foundational, fundamental datum of your identity—that is…

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