The fundamental question about marriage – What is it?

a reasonable faith

Little gets us riled up more than the feeling that our rights are being denied. From way back when we were little tykes and our brother got a bigger scoop of ice cream than we did, and we shouted for all the world to hear, “No fair!” To today, when the world is so much different than it was then, and homosexuals and their advocates take to the public square and look to the courts with charges of rights denied, shouting – and all the world is hearing – “No fair!”

So when we consider and debate the issue of same-sex marriage, it’s helpful to Saving-Your-Marriage-Smallallow for some frustration and anger felt by gays and their advocates because of their sense of being denied justice. That’s understandable. The heart of this debate is the question of justice – is it unfair to treat same-sex couples differently when it comes to…

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