South Sudan Sex Trade report unsettles Ugandans

Embarrassed by the country’s marked involvement in sex trade, a Ugandan religious group has started programmes to dissuade youths from getting involved in prostitution.


The church group, Arising for Christ, made the move after a report from South Sudan claimed that a majority of sex workers in the country were Ugandans.

According to the report, “The mapping report of female sex workers in South Sudan, phase 1, 2012” 45 percent of sex workers in South Sudan were Ugandan, while 27 percent were Kenyan.

South Sudanese and Congolese sex workers make up 8 percent, while Ethiopians and others have 1 percent of the sex trade share in Juba.

The report was conducted by the South Sudan Ministry of Health, South Sudan Aids Commission, and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Pastor Solomon Male, the executive director of Arising for Christ,[LINK=] infamous for his stance against homosexuality[/LINK], said it was unfortunate that Uganda’s image abroad was being marred by sex workers.

“Many youths both female and male are taken to countries like China, Dubai and some Scandinavian countries to work as prostitutes. Some young men end up being recruited into homosexuality. We cannot accept such to continue,” he said.

“We have started sensitising youths in the country not to allow themselves to be recruited into sex work especially by those who promise to pay them a lot of money if they take them to Juba or overseas.”

Male said that they have already started moving to various schools and institutions of higher learning to spread the message.

He charged that sex trade was increasingly looking lucrative as the government had failed to provide employment to the youth who end up in prostitution because they had become desperate.

“The young women are willing to sell their bodies because that is all they have. Young men are also going out to work as male prostitutes. Some are used by homosexuals out there,” Male said.

He said they will engage Members of Parliament so they could enact harsh laws for those who recruit youths into prostitution.

Last year, police in the East African nation arrested and[LINK=] charged two women who reportedly promised young girls jobs in some Asian countries[/LINK] but on reaching there their passports were confiscated and they were forced into prostitution.


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