Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed

imam founder of  the  first  european  inclusive  mosque International coordinator of the CALEM since 2010,  founder member of the inimuslim intern. network PhD in Anthropology & psychology (ongoing), One of the 3 French gay of the year (2012),  pierre  guénin  price  (for  calem,  2012),awarded  for  moral courage (2013)…  

   Being gay and a feminist is not incompatible with Islam. An inclusive place of worship would give hope back to many

the guardian

Ludovic Lotfi Mohamed Zahed, during his adolescence in Algeria, studied Qur’an exegesis – Tafsir alQur’an – and the pillars of the Islamic orthopraxy – usul al-fiqh. He is now master of cognitive psychology, graduate from the Ecole Normale Superieure in cognitive sciences and currently a PhD candidate in anthropology of religion matters at the EHESS on the theme of Islam and homosexuality. He was the founder and spokesman of the association of Homosexual Muslim de France organization – HM2F. He was a founder of the first association of young people living with HIV/AIDS in France – JHs+, he is also president founder of the of AIDS Children World Tour organization – TDMES, founder and spokesman of MPF (French Muslims for Prgressive Values), president founder of an afro-caribbean French organization, founder member of the network MTE against discrimination towards Muslim mothers wearing scarf, member of the organizational comittee of the ANRS (French National Agency against HIV AIDES) for the trial IPERGAY, representing HM2F, founder member of the international network  INIMuslim (etc…). He was consulted as an expert of his field by the UK Justice court (2012) and by the French Senate (2013).

L. Zahed was born in Algiers, and he lived in Tunisia, Switzerland and some time in London and New York. He grew up in Paris, France. He is the author of several activist articles about Islam and homosexuality, published on the HM2Fwebsite. He wrote several books translated in different languages, amongst which a book on Homosexuality and Islam: “Qur’an and the flesh” (“Le Coran et la chair” is in French, soon available in English) ; he is also coproducer of the documentary “Se rencontrer” (“Meet each other”, an LGBT and spiritual travel to Israël and Palestine). And another book is about to be published also about children living with AIDS: “Extraordinary revolts: an AIDS child around the world.” ; he published a survey study about AIDS children in 29 countries of the world  entitled: “Children infected, affected by AIDS around the world: comparative study, an earkly managment of their pandemic?” (1st December 2009) and producer of the associated documentary called AIDS Generation  ; enfin,; enventually, he is also member of the ANRS’ (French research agency about AIDS) IPERGAY committee against HIV/AIDS pandemic, representing HM2F.

He is a practicing Muslim. He made several pilgrimages, including at Mecca. He is now a staunch defender of the right of LGBTQIA sexual minorities within Islam. He believes that Muslims in particular, in this dawn of the twenty-first century, can no longer ignore homophobic violence and dehumanization of sexual minorities from certain religious extremists. He published several booklets and articles available from the website of the citizen network HM2F; he was also editor in chief of the HM2F’s Quarterly newsletters since 2010.

L. Zahed has been awarded for “moral courage” (in 2013, click here) and been on of the three French “gay of the year” (in 2012, click here). He is a believing, practicing Muslim, convinced that it is possible to built an inclusive representation of our Islam, liberating and truly appeased, for the sake of our entire humanity.


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