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Rainbow Sudan project started in the 5th of February 2012,   we aim to be recognized, live with dignity and respect, and raise awareness in sexual education concerning people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, intersexual, Queer.



Rainbow Sudan is a socially proactive organization which advocates for the acceptance, understanding and equality of the LGBTQI.



Civil rights have never been easy to win. Fighting for them takes passion, skill and an absolute determination to prevail.

We seek to promote and protect the rights of the LGBTI community by means of: Education, medical advice, legal support, and counseling service, social programs and seeks to interact with all stakeholders in this regard.



  • Committed to equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Embraces diversity and inclusion as critical to our mission. We endeavor to ensure that this who we are, how we carry out our work, and the issues we address all reflect the rich diversity of the communities that we serve and represent.
  • We encourage hard work, careful attention to detail, collaboration, good communication, and broad and informed strategic thinking.
  • Believes in leading through innovation and action. We are committed to establishing legal precedent in all areas affecting the LGBT community, including anti-discrimination law, family law, transgender law, and HIV/AIDS law, paving the way for advances across the country. We are dedicated to being a cooperative, honest, and committed partner when working in coalition.




  • Capacity Building Rainbow Sudan aims to be a model of good practice in organizational competence, good governance, accountability and transparency. Emphasis is laid on strategic management, policies and procedures.
  • Legal reform, assistance and provides legal advice and assistance to LGBTI people who are victims from existing anti-LGBTI laws or who are victims of physical violence or any form of discrimination that may be related to their known or presumed sexual orientation.


  • Researches by Rainbow Sudan programmers and activities and to play leading role in LGBTI-related research.
  • Strategic Communication, Rainbow Sudan aims to reach out to all LGBTI people in Sudan and the general public with information, education and communications that counter ignorance and prejudice, change attitudes and behaviors embrace the arts, entertainment and sports and will employ the full range of methods and media: meetings, workshops, courses, counseling sessions, print, internet, radio, television, film, live performances, exhibitions and other special events, such as information booths at conferences.
  • Health and Social Services Rainbow Sudan aims to ensure that all LBGTI people in Sudan are provided with the physical and mental health and social services they need, including any special prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care services that may be required by MSM, WSW, transgender or intersex people.
  • Social Spaces and Events advocates for, support and/or executes actions to provide LGBTI-friendly social spaces and put on LGBTI-friendly events. These spaces and events may be in public or private venues and may sometimes be associated with LGBTI-run or LGBTI-friendly businesses including theatres, bookstores, galleries, cafés, and restaurants. We aim to help create as many opportunities as possible for LGBTI people to be themselves in LGBTI-friendly environments, whether those are exclusively LGBTI or mixed.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Rainbow Sudan aim to be models of good practice in monitoring and evaluation of our programmers, projects and activities. We aim to assure our financial and technical partners and all others that we are doing our best to make efficient use of our resources, to achieve our intended results and to make whatever adjustments may be necessary when actual results fall short of planned results.

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